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16 Years as Travel and Leisure Magazine Top Travel Expert for New Zealand and Australia

Travel and Leisure says: "Donna Thomas has explored many corners of North and South Islands in search of hidden gems. She can help birdwatchers see the endangered yellow-eyed penguin or send avid trekkers on guided hikes to secret waterfalls in Paparoa National Park."

Kiwi Dundee - Coromandel, Waikato

New Zealand is a paradise of native forests, spectacular mountains and national parks, horticulture and farming, coastal scenery, cities, unique culture, and friendly people! Share a unique and unforgettable experience with Kiwi Dundee Adventures and learn about their heritage and enjoy the opportunity to feel in touch with nature and the environment. Kiwi Dundee Adventures cater for an extremely diverse number of visitors from all over the world. They specialise in deluxe soft adventure tours and walks but as they always enjoy a challenge more specialised tours can easily be arranged.

New Zealand is a fascinating land of ever-changing scenery and one of the most common comments heard from visitors is 'We knew it was beautiful but did not expect it to be this beautiful'. Travelling through the stunning New Zealand country is like a tour of all the World's beautiful places. You will encounter scenery similar to North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia all in this one country.

New Zealand is much bigger than many people realise and is not a 3 day stopover!!

With over a thousand miles, 1600 kilometers, from top to bottom and approximately the same land area of California, Wyoming, Japan, Great Britain or Germany. there's a lot to see. Latitude wise it runs from the 34 parallel to the 48 parallel, which is the same in the Northern Hemisphere as from Santa Barbara CA. To Vancouver Canada or from Wilmington, on the N. & S. Carolina border to North of Quebec Canada and for Europe from south of Malta to Austria. A hot day in the summer is from 24 degrees Celsius [78Fah] to say 28 degrees Cel [86Fah] but with only a little humidity [of which Kiwis are secretly pleased.]

New Zealand is an all year round destination as we mainly get snow in winter only in the mountains and most falls in the South Island. We never get snow in the top half of the North Island, only on the 10,000 ft high volcanoes in the middle of the North Island and the higher ranges south of there. We do get frosts but normally a cloudless day afterwards, but bring warm gear and especially good rain jackets as it can rain anytime in New Zealand [that's what keeps us green], but normally does not last long.

New Zealand has only 4 million people but 50 million sheep!





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