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16 Years as Travel and Leisure Magazine Top Travel Expert for New Zealand and Australia

Travel and Leisure says: "Donna Thomas has explored many corners of North and South Islands in search of hidden gems. She can help birdwatchers see the endangered yellow-eyed penguin or send avid trekkers on guided hikes to secret waterfalls in Paparoa National Park."

Elke Meier

I have been an enthusiast of Conde Nast Traveler magazine for many years, and have used their select travel specialists on at least six occasions. I would like to let you know of my most special and highest regard for Donna Thomas of New Zealand Travel who recently arranged a trip for me and my daughter. I had airline tickets, but no plans whatsoever 11 days before departure! I called Donna and explained my situation on 11/12. I would have two weeks on my own and two weeks with my daughter in NZ. I simply could not imagine anyone even trying to create an itinerary, bookings, routes , car rentals, airlines etc. during the holiday season on 11 days' notice. But Donna took me on and had a perfect trip in my hands before I left the US on 11/23.

Donna began by not only asking pertinent questions (budget, interests, what kind of people I like to associate with etc.), but she listened and completely internalized what I told her. This super-agent of yours put together a trip that suited me to a tee. She chose properties, routes, activities and in particular property owners that were exceptional in every way.Donna found properties that met my particular standards (intimate, friendly, immaculate, and with exotic & interesting clientele). WOW! In 9 days, working nights (time zone changes to NZ) and the weekend, she produced an unbelievably great experience for me and for my daughter. The properties were pristine, all the owners knew Donna from her frequent visits to NZ to keep tabs on the places she sends clients to, and all were prepared for our gluten-free dietary needs. The most impressive thing about Donna, in comparison to every other travel agent I've ever worked with, is that she basically kept in touch with my progress through New Zealand on a daily basis. When I arrived at a property, people greeted me with a special warmth because they knew I had been sent by Donna. She has made long-lasting and meaningful connections that pay off for her clients. She and her ground crew worked miracles behind the scenes. I have never worked with an agent (even the other Conde' Nast ones) who knew exactly where I was and what I was doing every hour. I don't believe Donna sleeps. As an example, Donna knew how many people would be on a particular tour I was scheduled for on a given day, and made sure that as her client, I got the tour with the fewest people.

Every person who saw my 3/4 inch thick folder full of detailed travel information, complete with photos and names and insider tips, was dumbfounded. When I explained that Donna had produced it within 9 days of my initial phone call to her, people nearly fell over. I cannot praise Donna highly enough. Please, if there is any special way to acknowledge her virtuosity, you should do so. I am so utterly grateful to her and her staff - they constructed a perfect vacation despite working with the tightest schedule, the highest tourist season, a picky client, and a finite budget.

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